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How to hack any Android Game to get unlimited gold, Gems and cash without Root?

Playing games is a fun activity full of entertainment. Different players play games for different purposes. Most of the people play games just for fun and enjoyment to kill their spare time. While, there are a few who play games to earn money. The fun and entertainment behind any game lies in climbing its higher levels because each level tests your temperament with more complex game play. Sometimes, you reach the upper levels quite easily but at times you are stuck at some particular level. This becomes frustrating and the players start trying to hack the game to get unlimited resources and win the game. There are different hacking tools available that enable the players to hack any android game without rooting their devices. This article will guide you about how to hack android games without rooting.

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Lucky Patcher is the tool used to hack android games without rooting the devices. Following are some of the steps to hack any android game through lucky patcher tool.

1-Download and Install Lucky Patcher

The very first step in this hacking process is to down load lucky patcher from its official source. After the download completes, click on install button. Here, it is pertinent to mention that you will have to change the security settings of your device to enable it accept apps from unknown sources.

2-Rebuilding and Installing the hacked Game

Lucky Patcher is actually the tool that helps you to rebuild the game and provide you hacked version with unlimited gold, gems, elixir, and other such resources. After installing this patcher open the app. Now, you will find hundred of games and apps. You will have to search for the game that you want to hack. After finding the game of your choice, click on it. A new layer with many options will open. Here, you will select “open menu of patches”. This will open a new layer with different options. Now, you will have to select “create modified APK file”.

Clicking this option will open a new layer where you will see “Apk rebuilded for InApp and LVL emulation. Click on this option and it will start rebuilding game for you. You will have to wait for a few seconds and the rebuilded apk file will be available for you to install. Here, one thing to keep in mind always is that while rebuilding the app the first two options “support patch for LVL emulation” and “support patch for InApp emulation should be ticked. After the apk file is rebuilt, a new layer will appear with the two options “OK” and “Go to the file”.

Select “go to the file” option and proceed with the installation of the hacked version of the game. After clicking the option, a list of hacked games apps will appear. Here, select your hacked game and click. But before installation, first go to your device homepage and uninstall the original version of the game you had already installed. The installation of the hacked version of the game will not begin until you uninstall the original game. After it, open the lucky patcher app again and select and install the hacked version of the game on your device. Now, you will find unlimited resources to play and win the game. You will be able to purchase all the options without any cost.

It is quite important to mention that different game hacking tools are available online. Always go with the most trusted and featured game hacking tool for more options. Different game hacking applications have different features. I would always recommend using lucky patcher tool because it is the trusted and tested tool to hack android games without rooting the device. Moreover, the features of this tool make it the first choice of the game geeks. Some of these peculiar features are:

  • Lucky Patcher application is free to download and use.
  • There is no need of internet connection after installation of this apk. It will rebuild your game file without connecting to the internet.
  • You can download Lucky Patcher on any android device which means that it is compatible with different android versions.
  • Also, there are different hacked games and apps available freely in this tool.


After reading the entire article, you are now able to hack any android game on your device without rooting it. This hacking tool has revolutionized the overall playing experience of the players who were stuck at different levels. It ensures the availability of different resources free of cost to upgrade your defenses as well as destroy the enemy defense. You can easily skip any level of the game that you do not want to play. Also, hacked games through this tool enable you to socialize your victories with your friends and family members in the online world.

Updated: May 10, 2019 — 9:07 am

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